Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Zen & The Art Of Seams in Blender

So this week I launched into Part 6 of the Box Modeling A Chair saga by introducing everyone to seaming a model in preparation for unwrapping. It was a crappy introduction. I should have said more to get the conversation started, explain that each side has a common goal or something. Anyway, here is a very brief guide to all the things I should have said just to get the party started. 

Texturing is important. And a UV map is a requirement, not an option. You don't absolutely have to make your own UV map from the ground up by manually adding all the seams. But the more control you take at the UV mapping stage, the more control you will have over your final texture. Besides that, the more you understand about the relation between your model, its seams and its texture, the more you will understand about making mesh objects. 

So let me briefly introduce you to seams in Blender, I think it might be the start of a beautiful friendship.



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