Tuesday, December 31, 2013

ZBrush Addendum - Which way is Front & The Thin Blue Line

Well, I guess sometimes it makes sense to air your little pet peeves and complaints about a program. There is always a slight chance that someone listening will be glad to fill in your blanks, tell you you're wrong etc. That's not only new information, it's one less thing to complain about right?

I just got one of my blanks filled in. Yesterday in a post about adding a reference image to ZBrush, I found the time to make a wise crack about how it's practically impossible to tell which way is front in ZBrush. A, by request remaining anonymous, fellow pinner on Pinterest was delighted to point out my oversight. 

I stand corrected and happily share the evidence and new info in the illustration below. 

Click to see the image at full resolution (my monitor is 96dpi and 1920 x 1200 btw) and look for a thin blue line. garvie garzo

Sunday, December 29, 2013

ZBrush Tip - How to Load a Reference Image

Ok, I admit it, the main reason my blog posting has been a bit thin is I have been pretty much in a frenzy of trying to learn Zbrush.
Now, no doubt I am even less qualified to teach ZBrush than Blender, but that's hardly going to stop me from sharing little helpful bits as I find them. 

This weekend I learned from a Shane Olson tutorial how to add a reference image to ZBrush as part of his Speed Sculpting a Cartoon Head Tutorial. The nicer interface and colors are also largely a result of Shane's instructions in the same tut. 

Since the ability to add a reference image was a game changer kinda moment for me in Blender, I think it will be in ZBrush as well. Prior to this the closest I could get was using the See Through (yes, it is what it sounds like) 'feature' while running ZBrush over top of Photoshop (i mean honestly, where do they come up with these ideas?!). 

I think this will be better.

Shane Olson is a fabulous teacher by the way, though he seems to only have tutorials on Digital Tutors and it's a paid subscription site. If you do spring for a monthly subscription, and are in need of ZBrush enlightenment, do NOT miss his courses.